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Wellcome to website of Life Care Ministries!
Calvary greetings in His precious name,
Life Care Ministries(LCM) is a Christian,interdenominational,non-profit,medical,evangelical,educational,Community developmental and Humanitarian organization.We are Christ centered servants of Jesus Christ with demonstrations of His love in His mission to restore souls and save lives for eternity.We are a family of passionate,committed and God fearing Christians from all walks of life.We are striving to build the Kingdom of God in rural,remote and slum areas of Pakistan.
We are fulfilling the Great Commission(GC) of Lord Jesus Christ as He commanded us.We are hands and feets of Jesus Christ.
"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always,to the very end of the age.”(Mathew 28:19-20)
Life Care Ministries is reaching out to people who don’t heard good news of Jesus,who have never seen a school,physician or pharmacy.We want to reach children who live in rural and remote areas that there are no resources for them at all.We want to serve those who are truly helpless,hopeless,powerless,who have no advocate,no voice. We are taking gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to most unreached people who do not know Him as Lord and Savior.We are sharing His love and good news in words and deeds.We are the servant of Christ in His mission.We are voice of helpless,hopeless and persecuted Christians who are tortured because of faith in Jesus Christ.We are demonstrating love among needy,oppressed,poor,orphans,widows and marginalized people.Our purpose is to proclaim His good news and His love to the most unreached people in rural and remote areas in words and deeds.We are Christ focused ministry with demonstration of His love to Lord Jesus Christ to all nations as commanded by our Lord.We serve all people regardless of religion,race,ethnicity,respecting each person as created in the image of God.Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity in relieving human distress.Let His name be glorified in all our nations,communities,families and places of work.Lets go together for pray for one another,bear each others burden and rejoice in our work.Glory to God!